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G’day! I’m Steve, but you can call me Steve.

This blog sets out to answer the one question that has baffled scientists since the dawn of time;

“What IS a Browne Town?”

I am Steve Browne, creator of The Browne Town and former McDonald’s employee of the week.

I have 12 dreams, 7 holes and 0 idea what I’m doing with my life. If you’re here, chances are you’re wasting your life as well. Let’s go on pretending that you aren’t though, for the time being.


I solemly swear that I’m (up to) no good… at Photoshop

This is simply a platform for me to share knowledge (or lack thereof).

That could come in the form of a travel guide to a destination I have been to, a comparison of competing products, a review of something I have purchased, or something that I myself have struggled to find information on and feel it is worth sharing.

Unlike most people, I enjoy humour. I also enjoy fixing things, or at least taking the credit for having done so. I like learning new things, sometimes even enjoying doing hours of research. These hours of research may prove useful to others.

Originally I wanted to create a travel blog about my adventures swimming through Mt. Everest, or climbing the Amazon Jungle. I see myself as somewhat of a great explorer or pioneer, like Christopher Colombus and Cap’n Crunch before me.

Now though, the idea is just to share information in general.

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If I look somewhat untrustworthy to you, you’re probably not far from the truth. I’d steal your fancy cutlery in a heartbeat.

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Complete Ha Giang Loop Guide for 2024

Complete Ha Giang Loop Guide for 2024

Ha Giang Loop Guide - 2024   Having recently ridden a motorbike 1,200kms around the north of Vietnam, covering the Ha Giang loop as well as Ban Gioc falls, I thought I should put together a Ha Giang loop guide. In this Ha Giang loop guide I will also be covering...

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