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Who Is Behind The Browne Town?


G’day. My name is Steve Browne. Future husband of Hannah Reid.

I am from Perth, Australia. It’s a quiet seaside town with all the good stuff, like the internet, automobiles, coloured televisions and just recently a brand new Krispy Kreme donut store, just like the ones the celebrities eat at in Hollywood. Yep, there’s no doubt about it, Perth is a city on the groooowwww!!

Perth from the Barrack St. Jetty

Perth City from King’s Park

Anyway, I digress, so back to the good stuff!

Who are you? Where are you going!?

Part 1: Who Am I??


Oh, do your research Shutton!

So, my name has been established. I grew up in Australia, always on the west coast. I was somewhat intelligent as a child. I’m not sure where it all went wrong.

Growing up in Australia throughout the nineties was a privilege! The days were warm and full of backyard cricket, swimming in the pool, kicking the footy across the road (except when the magpies were swooping), or just being an all around legend on the old Nintendo 64.

I like to travel, I like to learn new things.

My first International Holiday!


I have family in the United Kingdom, where I was lucky enough to visit at 12 years old. We spent four weeks travelling across England by car and saw places such as;

  • Blackpool – Where the tides went out for what seemed like kilometres and the lights shone across the seaside.
  • York – With its ancient walls and Viking history as well as a scary dungeon tour.
  • Warwick – My favourite castle experience of them all.
  • London – Where we saw Parliament house and took a cruise down the Thames and went for a a spin on The Eye.
  • Cornwall – The most southerly point of England, where the RAF base was as well as Saint Michael’s mount.
  • The Lake District – Where the weather was shit but the views fantastic.

All in all I had had a blast and I was definitely in disbelief at how quickly it all came to an end. It certainly opened up my eyes to the rest of the world, the sheer size of it all.

It gave me a massive desire to travel and see new things.

Where to from there?


Essentially back to school, graduate, start an apprenticeship and work.

I had some small holidays, as most young Australians do who live on the west coast I visited Bali and Thailand with friends. For “culture” of course, not to party in paradise with European women or anything like that.


The first lengthy holiday?

I was lucky enough in 2012 to go to the USA for 9 weeks, a very big holiday for me at the time. This was the first to blur the line between those terms I used in “holiday” and “travelling”. I loved it.

This was the first holiday I had been on since the holiday to England at 12 years old that I really got to experience a whole new world of history and differing cultures. Admittedly it was not as a culture shock per se, but a very good look into the American way of living.

I loved New York, New Orleans, Florida, the monuments in Washington and the walking tours that we did along the way. I’m a sucker for a captivating narration of history, America leant itself nicely to that.

After coming back from this holiday though I knew I wanted to see more, because the world was amazing.

A change in attitude


So now I was home from my trip to the USA. This all coincided with me completing my trade and moving up in to a better pay.

I set myself a savings goal, every week without fail the savings goal was the priority over having a weekend out with my mates.

Of course I still went out when I could, but this was now dictated by whether my savings goal had been reached and I had enough left over to spend. Over the course of a year I had saved $20,000 and was on my way towards the next adventure.


The next chapter

Somehow it came about that two of my closest mates wanted to do 2 year working visas in England, preceded by a large holiday exploring Europe of course. I was in like Flynn.

Luckily for me I was eligible for a British passport. At the time it was a pretty big deal, being in the pre-Brexit era of course it meant freedom to move around and work almost anywhere I wanted.

The Europe Chapter – The extremities of life


We travelled around Europe, partly on the fly, partly pre-booked. We went to all kinds of amazing places, too much to attempt to list here. Some of the people we met I will never forget, some of the stories we made will make me laugh forever. It was a period of life lived in excess, lived in the fast lane almost without consequence.

Eventually the travelling portion of the trip came to an end after just over 4 months abroad it was coming into the “off season” and we had to find jobs, otherwise we’d soon run out of money.

I changed my mind and decided not to use my British passport to find work after all. The contrast between the sun filled holiday of 4 months and the dreary rainy days in England looking for apartments and jobs was too much for me.

I came home, I pursued more money instead. I began to find work in the mining and resources sector.

I forsook all semblance of a work-life balance when I started working in the construction industry on rosters of 28 & 7. Yes it is as bad as it sounds, 28 days at work straight, then 7 days at home.

I had gone from one extreme to the other!

From the endless debauchery and enjoyment of youth, to working 80% of the year!

For 4 and a half years I worked away, my mid-twenties disappeared before my very eyes.

It’s tough, it’s not for everyone, but there are financial benefits.

Part 2: Where Am I Going?


Disillusionment & New Directions


Before I started working away I had promised myself that there would be one last overseas adventure and I felt it all coming to a head now. A promise owed to myself from the young me, who sacrificed his best years to try and get a head start in life. I owed it to myself to have some enjoyment and live through some new experiences.

As I got older the idea of partying every single night became less and less attractive as well as less viable than it was in my early twenties. I had always romanticised the idea of taking photographs of the world as a way to force myself into situations where I was bound to see the most beautiful things the world had to offer. The cart leading the horse I guess.

Naturally this lead also to the idea of videography, with the two being so tightly knit these days. Then eventually to the idea of this blog. I had already started gathering some camera gear over the course of the years that I was working, I asked for a redundancy from my job which was granted to me, then I started the research process.

This blog & the future

I spent months researching vaccines, locations, countries, seasons, tours and more. I was determined to travel throughout Southeast Asia and South/Central America over the course of 12-24 months. I wanted to see everything and document it all along the way.

In the attempt to avoid drinking and partying too much I entertained the idea of filling my itinerary with hiking and scuba diving, or other outdoors activities. Taking photos and videos would help me get further off the beaten track than I might have otherwise done.

Along the way I planned to write about anything and everything which could be deemed helpful for someone else looking to do the same things as me, to answer all the questions I myself had during the research process.



Oh the joys!

After finally getting underway on my supposed adventure around the world, I was forced to come home after 2 brief months (March 2020), seeing only Malaysia and Thailand. Still, things could be worse.

I have since returned to work, almost out of necessity. I will start to look a little closer to home for my travelling in the near future. Travelling around Australia will maybe requrie purchasing a new car, but it will allow me to carry more camera gear as well.

There are always alternatives, positives to look for.


Update – April 2022


How time flies, in the worst ways imagineable. What a weird two years. As the borderd begin to open I will look at travelling again, but I will wait for things to come to some sort of normality.

Where the travel will be I am unsure, it might be local, it might be international, it’s realistically going to be a combination of the two.

In the mean time I look to write about, and make videos about, things that I think others may find helpful, as I learn new things I will share them with others.

Buy me a coffee?

Hi guys, if you feel generous and feel that I’ve been of some help to you then please feel free to reach out and show some support.


Don’t put yourself out if you’re flat broke but if you have something to share it’s so much appreciated and helps support this blog.


The content you find here will always be free but it takes literally hundreds of hours of my time every month to maintain and write posts for.


Thank you for any support!


I'm a GC - I'll buy you a coffee!

Quick Mafs Facts

Stephen Browne is a bipedal mammal, with the exception being during periods of severe hangover, when movements are limited to slow crawls.

He is very capable at moving in all directions and over all types of terrain, but is especially good on flat surfaces. He almost never falls over unexpectedly. If he does fall over you will hear all about it.

During his leisure time he enjoys trying to balance his god complex with the art of appearing humble, an ongoing battle that may never see an end!

  • Four crazily different mood settings: Apathetic, Uninterested, Indifferent and Disinterested.
  • Clicking knees, going both up and down stairs.
  • Waterproof.
  • Sleeps almost anywhere.
  • Can navigate north with a compass.
  • Can read 24 hour time.
  • Fits through tight gaps.
  • Rarely complains.
Hidden TalentMario Kart (N64)
Opinion of self11/10

You can’t afford him, trust me … Wait what!? You have five dollars?

I stand corrected.

I gave him a plate of corn muffins back in 1947 to paint my chicken coop.

He still hasn’t painted it!!

Barbara Geldinghawk

Elderly Lady

He smells fantastic and he knows how to tie his own shoe laces. He gets more attractive as the years roll on.

I forget how lucky I am to have ever been graced by his presence but he is wise enough to remind me three times a day.

They say that the free-fall when skydiving is the best 20 seconds of your life, but making love to Steve was better, and nearly twice as long!

Mireille Allain

Beautiful Woman






Trucky McTruck Face

Fire Engine

Parting words


Although I’m sceptical that anyone besides my own mother and father have read this entire page, if you’re still here then thanks … I guess?

There’s more interesting pages on this blog than this page. I apologise that I don’t have some dramatic backstory of hardship to inspire you into believing that – you too can travel!

If you’re reading this blog than the chances are that you have the opportunity to travel at some point.  You have the internet, enough free time to read this blog, and probably the desire to travel. That makes you one of the luckiest people on the planet.

Don’t think that you need to travel or that you’re missing out on anything, it’s definitely not all glamorous, there’s many sleepless nights, long journeys, sweaty days and plenty of health risks involved. If you read a blog and it makes you feel worse about your own life then stop reading blogs and go look after yourself.

It’s not about the destination OR the journey. It’s about where you’re going, and how you get there!

– Stephen Browne (Mayor of The Browne Town).

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