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Who Is Behind The Browne Town?


G’day. My name is Steve Browne. Future husband of Hannah Reid.

I am from Perth, Australia. It’s a quiet seaside town with all the good stuff, like the internet, automobiles, coloured televisions and just recently a brand new Krispy Kreme donut store, just like the ones the celebrities eat at in Hollywood. Yep, there’s no doubt about it, Perth is a city on the groooowwww!!

Perth from the Barrack St. Jetty

Perth City from King’s Park

Anyway, I digress, so back to the good stuff!

Who are you? Where are you going!?

Part 1: Who Am I??


Oh, do your research Shutton!

So, my name has been established. I grew up in Australia, always on the west coast. I was somewhat intelligent as a child. I’m not sure where it all went wrong.

Growing up in Australia throughout the nineties was a privilege! The days were warm and full of backyard cricket, swimming in the pool, kicking the footy across the road (except when the magpies were swooping), or just being an all around legend on the old Nintendo 64.

I like to travel, I like to learn new things.

This blog & the future

This was originally planned to be a travel blog, it may one day become that. For now it’s just a place to post whatever I feel might be of interest or helpful for others to know.

Buy me a coffee?

Hi guys, if you feel generous and feel that I’ve been of some help to you then please feel free to reach out and show some support.


Don’t put yourself out if you’re flat broke but if you have something to share it’s so much appreciated and helps support this blog.


The content you find here will always be free but it takes literally hundreds of hours of my time every month to maintain and write posts for.


Thank you for any support!


I'm a GC - I'll buy you a coffee!

Quick Mafs Facts

Stephen Browne is a bipedal mammal, with the exception being during periods of severe hangover, when movements are limited to slow crawls.

He is very capable at moving in all directions and over all types of terrain, but is especially good on flat surfaces. He almost never falls over unexpectedly. If he does fall over you will hear all about it.

During his leisure time he enjoys trying to balance his god complex with the art of appearing humble, an ongoing battle that may never see an end!

  • Four crazily different mood settings: Apathetic, Uninterested, Indifferent and Disinterested.
  • Clicking knees, going both up and down stairs.
  • Waterproof.
  • Sleeps almost anywhere.
  • Can navigate north with a compass.
  • Can read 24 hour time.
  • Fits through tight gaps.
  • Rarely complains.
Hidden TalentMario Kart (N64)
Opinion of self11/10

You can’t afford him, trust me … Wait what!? You have five dollars?

I stand corrected.

I gave him a plate of corn muffins back in 1947 to paint my chicken coop.

He still hasn’t painted it!!

Barbara Geldinghawk

Elderly Lady

He smells fantastic and he knows how to tie his own shoe laces. He gets more attractive as the years roll on.

I forget how lucky I am to have ever been graced by his presence but he is wise enough to remind me three times a day.

They say that the free-fall when skydiving is the best 20 seconds of your life, but making love to Steve was better, and nearly twice as long!

Mireille Allain

Beautiful Woman






Trucky McTruck Face

Fire Engine

Parting words


It’s not about the destination OR the journey. It’s about where you’re going, and how you get there!

– Stephen Browne (Mayor of The Browne Town).

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