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Surf hostel is a hostel based about 2.2 kilometres from Ao Nang beach. The hostel is modern, clean, comfortable, secure, and has great staff at its disposal.

To summarise the Surf Hostel review: this hostel is amazing.

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Surf Hostel Review Video


For those who find it easier to get an understanding of the layout vsually….

Hostel Review Sections


The Surf Hostel review has been broken up into header sections which are clickable through the table of contents for easier navigation.

I have note included prices, as these are subject to change, however note that this is not a party hostel, so it will be more expensive than the absolute cheapest hostels, but this is for a reason.



For those visiting the Ao Nang region, it is more than likely that you are visiting to see the renowned Railay Beach.

However because there is only one hostel at Railay beach, and the area is inaccessible by scooter or other transport (read the guide linked above for more details), it is Ao Nang where you will want to be based.

Surf Hostel is 2.2 kilometres from the beach that the longboats depart from for Railay, it is within walking distance of Luke’s Gym (good gym with good pricing), it has a great restaurant across the road, and gives quicker access to other attractions.

Thanks to this it is very central for all the other activities on offer in the Ao Nang region outside of Railay beach, like Dragon Crest mountain, tiger cave, emerald pools and more.



Surf Hostel is always staffed, with rooms under keycard lock as well as being upstairs, it is near impossible for strangers to enter the hostel, let alone get access to the bedrooms.

In the bedrooms themselves are gigantic lockers underneath the beds that will fit even the largest suitcases, see the dimensions below.



Because I travel with all of my camera gear it is important to me that I have storage for it that is secure during the day when I don’t want to lug everything around.

The lockers here are gigantic and held my bag, with lots of room to spare.

Outside of this, there is a shelf in each bed for storing personal items that need to grabbed in a hurry.

Bathrooms & Provisions


As you will see in the pictures below, there is ample space for air drying clothes and towels, all soaps are provided, as are shampoos, hair dryers and if you want to go to the beach then you can get beach mats from the front desk, all for free.

The toilets are clean and are separate to the showers, keeping them cleaner and dry.

The showers are in big rooms, with plenty of space to hang things up, such as your toiletry bag and a change of clothes.



The bedrooms are well arranged without being too busy. The beds themselves are large and have some excess space at the foot of the bed to store backpacks.

Curtains on each bed do well to keep out the light and provide privacy as well. 

Bed Comfort

Beds are soft and comfortable. 

Food and Drink



Although not free, the breakfast at the cage is very cheap for what you get. For only ฿50 you get a nice meal of your choosing that is made fresh in front of you and is consistently good.

I actually prefer a cheap good breakfast to a free crap breakfast.



฿50 for a coffee that tastes as good as it does back in Australia. That’s good value!

Drinking water is also free.

Other Stuff



Provided and free. 



 Strong and consistent.


Air Conditioning

Gets turned off for about 3 hours in the middle of the day when the cleaners come through to clean. 


Noise Levels

Non-existent. Being away from the beach gives it a nice quiet surrounding for a perfect sleep. 


Guests / Staff

Amazingly helpful, they book transport to and from, recommend tours, answer questions politely and they make good coffee. 

Surf Review Negatives


I dead set can’t think of a single thing.

Some people may not like being 2 kilometres from the beach, but to me, Ao Nang beach isn’t that good anyway so it was irrelevant. Plus it’s 2 minutes by scooter, so hardly a hassle to get there. 



That concludes this Surf Hostel review.

It is one of the best hostels I stayed at in Thailand, it’s a step above the others in every way. Little things like having hand towels to dry after you wash your hands that other hostels just forget. All of the little things add up to a great stay.

Check out the hostel at to read others reviews and consider booking it for your next stay!

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