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Disclosures & Disclaimers

The Things I Mention or Recommend

Throughout the website you will hear me make mention of numerous products and even supply external links to these products or services. These things will include but are not limited to;

  • Tour groups or activities
  • Accommodation providers
  • Restaurants, bars or places of entertainment
  • Airlines and transport providers
  • Bags and travel accessories
  • Cameras and accessories
  • Software, programs and plugins

If I mention anything it is purely my honest opinion gathered from my experiences with the item/place/service. These aren’t always positive experiences but I hope that most of them are.

If I recommend anything it is definitely my true recommendation based off my experiences. If there was any sort of product ever provided to me for free, it will be mentioned clearly at the top of the post. As would any sponsorships or similar arrangements. Even so, if it’s recommended by me then it is my honest opinion regardless of other factors.


External Links

External links are for your benefit more so than mine. They provide an option to further investigate a product to your heart’s desire. Not all external links are affiliate links, if they are it will be disclosed on the exact page in which they’re posted.

For example it is very rare that I will ever have an affiliate link to a tour group or day activity that I might mention, but I’m still likely to post a link to their website (if it’s of high quality) or their page on tripadvisor or something similar.

That just makes it easier for people to follow along and see extra pictures or other people’s reviews. It’s not a ploy to sell you anything as I make zero commission from this sort of stuff.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are used on this website, you can view the Privacy Policy page for a more in depth rundown.

Affiliate links are a link that will take you to a product page (usually Amazon) in which if any purchase is made Amazon gives me a tiny commission for directing you to their website.


The reason I use Amazon is because of their massive selection of products from all aspects of life. They don’t pay the best commissions but they do give the best prices for you, the buyer. This makes them a favourite for me personally when ordering online.

Other affiliate links may also be used on this website at my discretion.

“I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”


My Decision Process For Affiliate Links

When I list a product as a link to purchase then it is because I either have it myself, or would buy it myself in place of the gear I currently owned, if not for the fact I don’t like to be wasteful with materials or money. By recommending or listing products I own I can help give information about what to look for when purchasing.

When recommending alternatives to the things I use it’s because I don’t always have the best of everything.  Upgrade cycles are wasteful and Im not made of money. However for a brand new consumer it’s often the case that technological advancements mean there’s better products out there that will benefit you more than just copying what I have.

So you’ll see me recommend a variety of products for differing budgets, differing goals, differing tastes and so on. I am an avid researcher and would only ever recommend something I’d buy myself. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I own or have used everything that I link to.

However my thought process is different when it comes to travel talk…

My Travel Recommendations


These will never be based on somebody else’s writing and passed off as my own. If I haven’t been somewhere then I won’t be trying to tell you about it except as a word of mouth recommendation, not as a post of my own.

I don’t need to, nor will I, accomplish everything I want to do but I have no interest in reading something online and pretending I know all about it.

My page will slowly get more and more information as I make my way through countries but apologies if the country you wanted information about isn’t listed on this blog. It simply means I haven’t been there yet and therefore am not in a position to flex knowledge.

There are plenty of blogs out there so I have no doubts you will find what you’re looking for eventually. But hopefully this blog delivers enough information to keep you occupied and answer any questions you have about a topic.

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