Mercy Hostel Review


Mercy hostel is a quality hostel in the northern city of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Read this Mercy hostel review to understand what makes this one of the best in the city of Chiang Rai.

Although not at popular as the neighbouring cities of Chiang Mai and Pai, Chiang Rai is still on many people’s to do list, and Mercy hostel might just be the best hostel in the entire city.

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Mercy Hostel Review Video


Watch the Mercy hostel review video to get a better understanding of the layout of the hostel. The size of it is quite incredible in comparison to other hostels.

Mercy Hostel Review Sections


Read up on the sections that matter the most to you. Note that this isn’t a party hostel, nor is that what I look for in hostels so you won’t find any information regarding waht it’s like for partying in here.

Mercy Hostel Location


Mercy hostel is located about 5 minutes away from Chiang Rai bus station by foot. Considering the majority of people who arrive in Chiang Rai will be by bus, this makes it super convenient.

The hostel is down a secluded street, but only minutes away from the best restaurants as well as plenty of other hostels, bars, and scooter rental shops.

Mercy hostel is central, which means it is central to the majority of the tourist attractions that surround the town as you will see below. These are best accessed by scooter.

Mercy Hostel Security


Mercy hostel is one of the most secure hostels you will find thanks to the fact the front desk is manned 24 hours a day. The only downside to the hostel is the sheer size of it, meaning there are a lot of guests and you won’t know everyone.

However with individual lockers inside the rooms for all of your stuff, as well as the rooms having their own locks to enter, this problem is mitigated entirely.

Mercy Hostel Storage


The lockers are located inside the bedrooms, keeping safe all of my camera gear for me to travel lightly during the day.

Although they might not fit the larger travel backpacks, all day bags will fit with ease, as will backpacks of about 40-50L in size. This meant all my valuables were safe, with my large travel backpack just sitting on the floor.

Mercy Hostel Bathrooms & Provisions


Mercy hostel has a lot of showers and toilets to match their high guest capacity. The showers and toilets are kept separate, both are always clean, hot water was always avaialble and water pressures were also good.

All hand soaps were provided and always available as well. The bathrooms and showers here are more akin to those you might find in hotels, rather than hostels.

Mercy Hostel Bedrooms


Mercy hostel has tiled bedrooms, all air conditioned, with curtains surrounding the entire bed both along the side and the foot of the bed.

There is room to hand towels, handy shelves next to the bed, and lockers inside the bedrooms.


Bed Comfort

The beds are super comfortable, not just for hostel standards either, they’re just good beds all around with good pillows.

Food and Drink



Mercy hostel does not provide breakfast.



Mercy hostel has free water refills available.

Other Stuff


One of few hostels to have a gym (see above), as well as a pool, a table tennis table, and a pool table. In fact, it’s the only hostel I have ever stayed at that has all of the above.



Mercy hostel does not provide towels.



The wifi is strong in the bedrooms as well as the common areas.


Air Conditioning

At the guests control, a good policy for those who want to relax indoors for a day.


Noise Levels

Mercy hostel is very quiet thanks to its location down the end of a quiet street.


Guests / Staff

The staff are helpful and the other guests respectful. This isn’t a party hostel.

Mercy Hostel Review Negatives


The biggest negatives for me are the lack of free towels, the lack of any breakfast… I think that’s about it, this hostel is great.

Mercy Hostel Review Summary


If you want a large spacious hostel with some of the best amenitites of any hostel in Thailand, then stay at Mercy hostel.

It might cost you a tiny bit more, but I think it’s worth it to get a good night’s sleep and a premium hostel.

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