The Cabin Backpackers Hostel Review


The Cabin Backpackers Hostel review will cover areas such as security, location, bed comfort and more.

This hostel is outside of the Chiang Mai Old City but only by about 50 metres, it is still very close to all of the major attractions and is one of the better hostels you will find in the area, although there are plenty to choose from.

If you’re wondering what exactly to do in Chiang Mai, I have written a post detailing the best temples, I have also covered how to get to Chinag Mai, and written a guide to Chiang Mai as well. It’s an amazing place!

Visit their website here.


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The Cabin Backpackers Hostel Review Video


To get an idea of The Cabin Backpackers Hostel size and layout this video should help.

Hostel Review Sections


Each of these sections are things that I personally consider important. I don’t look for party hostels, so there won’t be any mention of atmosphere in here, I am more concerned with a good night’s sleep.

There is also no mention of price, these things are subject to change, but hostels in general will all be of a similar price when they are of a certain quality.



The hostel has a great location, not in the centre of the Old City but just outside the walls. Conveniently though it is closer to the train stations and bus stations if you decide to enter/exit Chinag Mai this way, which many people do.

Nearby is one of the best places to eat in the city, The Hideout.

It is also just a short walk into the north east corner of Old City, which is where a large portion of the bars and restaurants are. There are multiple scooter rental places nearby as well.



Security is very good, with swipe card access outside of the attached bar’s opening hours. On top of this a decently sized locker is available outside the bedrooms.

Unfortunately the lockers are too small for backpacker’s backpacks, which seems odd given the target audience.



The storage in this hostel is good, if you add it all together it amounts to quite a lot. However the storage that is lockable (as seen above), although decent in size, does not fit a backpack!

This meant that all of my camera gear would not easily fit into the locker provided, so when I wanted to go exploring I had to partially unpack my bags and separate the items so they were secure.

Under the beds is a large amount of storage though, and there is a ton of floor space in your bedroom where you can leave larger travel bags and padlock them.

Bathrooms & Provisions


One of the best things about The Cabin Backpackers hostel is the thought that has gone into all of the basic stuff. Things like soap, shampoo, and hand towels to dry your hands afterwards make the stay infinitely more convenient.

The shower is large, with 2 hooks on the door to hang clothes, and a curtain that slides in front of the hooks to stop your hanging items getting wet as you shower.

The bathrooms were always clean, the floors always dry.



As you will see below, the bedrooms are massive!

There is a ton of space there, with plenty of privacy on offer, with each bed having its own separate living space provided by walls and a curtain across the door front.

It is one of the best bedrooms I have ever seen for space, which is normally a premium.

Each bedrooms has the shower and toilet within its space, so the only people who will be using that shower are the people in the same room as you.

Bed Comfort

The beds wer very comfortable and the addition of the personal fan above the bed is a nice touch. 

Food and Drink



Breakfast is offered but at a price, I did not have breakfast here so can not comment on its quality but will attach an image to show what was for sale.




Free water is available, as it is a bar there is also alcohol and coffee for purchse.


Other Stuff



Not provided



The speeds were always good for me. See the picture below for download and upload speeds, but keep in mind these are subject to change a lot depending on all sorts of factors.



Air Conditioning

In all rooms, but they turn it off for 8 hours!!



Noise Levels

No complaints at all, my room was 3 stories up so noise from the street was not an issue.



Guests / Staff

I visited at a very quiet period and there were not many other guests at the hostel during my visit.

The Cabin Backpacker Hostel Review Negatives


 The bloody air conditioning policy is a joke!

The air conditioning goes off at about 10:00 and they won’t turn it on until 19:00 in the evening.

It is a pathetic policy to have, people pay for air conditioning and Chiang Mai is a tropical destination, people might want to relax in their rooms during the day.

That seriously holds this hostel back from being one of th best in South East Asia.

The other thing that seems odd is that the lockers won’t hold a backpack. They are just too small for the average sized travellers backpack, they are more suited to holding day bags, which is of little use because people normally carry their day bags during the day.



A great hostel held back by some unfortunate air conditioning policy. Despite that, I would definitely recommend this hostel to other people.

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