Juno Hostel Review


After some careful review reading and word of mouth I decided to spend my time in Pai at Juno Hostel.

This Juno hostel review aims to shine a light on what, for me, are some of the most important aspects to deciding on the right hostel to book. Things like security, location, noise levels etc.

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Juno Hostel Review Video


For those who want a quick video tour, this video of Juno hostel will help show the layout in about 2 and a half minutes.

Hostel Review Sections


This Juno hostel review has been subdivided into sections for easier reading. This is not a party hostel, I have only written about things that I think are important when considering hostels.

To  me, security, location and comfort are the main things for me when searching for hostels.

Juno Hostel Location


Although it’s hard to tell with this zoomed out map below, I wanted to try emphasise how central it is to some off the attractions around the town. These can be seen scattered to the south and the west.

The town being as small as it is, there isn’t really a bad place to be, but Juno is nice and quiet, far enough away from the bars to allow a good night’s sleep, but still close enough to walk everywhere!

When arriving by bus, you will only have about a 5 minute walk through the town to get to Juno hostel. From there it is easy to access scooter hire, make your way to great restaurants, or disappear on the main road to the major attractions.

Juno Hostel Security


Juno hostel is always manned, with secure parking for scooters out the back, as well as having the rooms located up the stairs, this hostel is as secure as most.

There is no bar or anything attached to the hostel that would encourage non-guests to enter the hostel, let alone make their way up stairs to try get into locked rooms, then again into the massive lockers within the bedrooms.

Juno Hostel Storage


The lockers at Juno hostel are massive. I was able to fit my entire bag in there with spare room, thus keeping safe all of my camera gear as well as whaatever else I didn’t need during the day.

See the dimensions in the image below, only the largest of bags wouldn’t fit in there, not something most people travel with so I have no doubt your valuables will be protected.

I also liked the fact that down the side of the bed was some empty space. This allowed me to store my packing cubes and other items that I wanted more frequent access to during the day, stuff that wasn’t worth locking up but was handy to have.

Juno Hostel Bathrooms & Provisions


This is where Juno hostel really shines.

It is so rare to find a place that not only has access to a washing machine (free for guests as well), but also heaps of hanging space out the back door so you can air dry your clothes without ruining them in the dryer.

Juno hostel has their main bathroom and showers downstairs, but there is also an upstairs shower and toilet so guests don’t have to walk down all the time. The only issue I had during my stay was that there was no soap in the upstairs toilet to wash your hands.

Juno Hostel Bedrooms


The bedrooms at Juno hostel are well laid out for the most part. There is plenty of floor space to store larger bags, or things you need access to, as well as a place to hang wet towels.

All of the beds have curtains for privacy, however as you will see in the picture below, the bottom bunks have a barrier inbetween them, but the top bunks do not.

This means that if someone in the top bunk turns on their light, it will shine directly over tot he other guest on the top bunk opposite, and also offers less privacy (this is true as of March 2020 and  is subject to change).

The  lockers in the room are massive, the people all seemed super friendly.


Bed Comfort

Unfortunately the beds at Juno hostel are a little bit too hard to get really comfortable.

Food and Drink



Breakfast is kind of uninspiring, but whatever is there is free and is also able to be eaten at any time of the day which is an added bonus.



Juno Hostel has free water refills.

Other Stuff



Juno hostel provides free towels to borrow. 



The wifi was strong throughout my stay, even upstairs in the top bedrooms.


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning controls are left up to the guests to control, turn it off if you’re the last out the door. This is good though because if you get sick and need to stay in the room, you always have air conditioning. 


Noise Levels

Pai is a small town, but there are still some bars around and lovely restaurants. Luckily Juno hostel is close enough to walk to all of these but far enough away to avoid it bothering your sleep. 


Guests / Staff

The 2 guys that ran this hostel were great to talk to and super friendly and helpful. The guests that stayed in the room were very sociable but also polite.

Juno Hostel Review Negatives


This hostel is so good that you feel guilty for mentioning negatives. The 2 that come to mind though are the bed comfort and the lack of a dividing wall in between the two top bunks for privacy.

These are easy things to fix luckily.

Juno Hostel Review Summary


Juno hostel is arguably the best available in Pai, especially given the peace and quiet on offer in comparison to the hostels that are located righ tnext to the bars.

The two guys that run the hostel make your stay super easy and they’re full of great tips and handy hints.

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