Mt Frankland Hike – Overview


Mt Frankland is a hike in the Mt Frankland national park, located in the Walpole region, Western Australia.

The hike consists of a nice path and stairs up to the top and then also a loop around the base. I did not do the loop after reading reviews that it was not worth it and it was overgrown. I simply went to the peak and then returned to my car.

The hike is a very easy one, it can be steep but there’s plenty of places to rest, it is not so much a hike as it is a walk. Due to the ease of the hike you’re unlikely to have the hike to yourself unless you come very early.

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Mt Frankland Hike Video


To see what the Mt. Frankland hike can offer in video format check out the following video starting at the 05:20 mark. The rest of the video shows other things to do in the Walpole region for those who are interested.


Mt Frankland summit.

Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

Mt Frankland Hike Details


In this section I will show a few photos and give you the basic run down of the Mt Frankland hike from my perspective, as well as my recommendations about the hike.

Where is the Mt Frankland hike?


The Mt Frankland hike trailhead is located 29 minutes north of Walpole in the south west region of Western Australia. From the capital city of Perth it will take 4 hours and 30 minutes (traffic dependant) to get there.

It is easily accessible from the south west region and is best done when already in the area.

How much does it cost to do the Mt Frankland hike?


Mt Frankland national park is free entry and therefore it is free to do the Mt Frankland hike.

The only expense will be the fuel it takes to get here.

This hike is so short there’s no need for buying snacks.

Is there parking at the Mt Frankland hike?


There is parking at the Mt Frankland hike’s trail head. There is actually plenty of it so there is room for more than one vehicle. It is a proper car park and can accommodate a large number of people.


Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

Mt Frankland peak side view.

Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

How long is the Mt Frankland hike?


The hike is officially 2.4 kms, this is for those who do the loop around the base of the mountain.

I did not do this, I just went to the peak and back as was recommended by most people on AllTrails, so the hike is greatly reduced then down to 1.1kms. This would be my recommendation to people who are short on time.

The loop is apparently overgrown and not maintained very well.

There is a loop trail but I only went to the peak and back.

How long does it take to complete the Mt Frankland hike?


The average on AllTrails is 51 minutes for this hike, but if you’re just going to the peak and back it will be much less.

On the way up it might take a few extra minutes if you decide to rest as it is steep in some parts, but overall you could get to the top and back down in less than half an hour if you’re reasonably fit without much struggle.

What is the elevation gain and altitude of Mt Frankland hike?


The elevation gain is approximately 120m. For me it was only 67m recorded on the app when doing the peak only.

The altitude of the hike is decent for the area, with the summit being ~377m above sea level you get a great view of the surrounding area and forest.

My Mt Frankland Hike Stats


My Mt Frankland hike stats screenshot from AllTrails.

Notice how short the moving time is and how low the elevation gain is. This is a nice easy walk that everyone can do.

Mt Frankland granite slab

Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

What is the weather like on the Mt Frankland hike?


The Mt Frankland hiking trail is very pleasant to do in the September-November period when I did it, but with its location it can be done all year round, so long as that particular day’s forecast is good.

It gets extremely windy at the peak, so hold onto your hat!

In the winter there would be quite a wind chill at the top, but generally speaking this hike can be done year roung. It can be done on hot days with not too much water due to its shorter distance but I would try avoid the hottest parts of the day.

It can be done in the rain but you’ll just need to watch yourself at the peak over the granite sections, the rest of the Mt Frankland track is paved or stairs with great grip.

What are the track conditions of the Mt Frankland hike?


The Mt Frankland hike is easy to walk for everyone. It has a nice paved pathway to the top, with some stairs, some steps and then more stairs. Grip is good although the very peak is exposed granite which could be slippery in the rain.

I did not see any particular dangers up there but it was bone dry at the time. I don’t recall too much smooth slippery granite but it’s worth keeping an eye out depending on conditions.

People have noted that the loop section of the track is poorly maintained.

Watching a prescribed burn in the distance from the peak.

Shot on the Sony A1 using the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 (Amazon/eBay link)

What do I need to do the Mt Frankland hike?


This hike can be done in nice grippy shoes, I personally used hiking boots (Amazon) for the added stability but they are not essential here. In fact you could do this in thongs if you wanted.

Make sure you have a firm grip on your hat at the top as it could blow away. The top is exposed and windy, take sun protection.

Water requirements are minimum but you might sweat a bit on the way up, just be smart about it.

Summary of the Mt Frankland Hike


Easy, child friendly, accessible, short walk, no chance of getting lost, good for all conditions and ages.

That’s basically it, the views are great and Mount Frankland itself looks stunning how it pops out of the forest the way it does.

Do I recommend the Mt Frankland hike?



This is barely a hike, it’s more of a steep walk. The whole thing is a nice paved pathway that you can take at your own pace, then there are some stairs towards the top. Easy to do for everyone with some of the best views on offer in the area.

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