Uredale Point Hike – Overview


The Uredale Point hike goes by a few different names but it is a hike in the city of Albany, Western Australia.

You may also see it named as The Uredale Point Heritage Trail, Point Possession Heritage Trail or simply the Point Possession hike.

It is a hike that is not too challenging but will give you a nice walk along the Vancouver Peninsula, a small portion of land jutting out between the harbour and King George sound giving good views in all directions.

It is a fairly popular walking trail but in saying that I didn’t see anyone else on there until I was leaving. I started at about 07:30 and others started rocking up around 09:30.

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Uredale Point hike video


Dark clouds but no rain.

Shot on the Sony A1 using the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 (Amazon/eBay link)

Uredale Point Hike Details


In this section I will show a few photos and give you the basic run down of the Uredale Point hike from my perspective, as well as my recommendations about the hike. 

Where is the Uredale Point hike?


The Uredale Point hike is located 20 minutes drive south east of Albany’s town centre in the south west region of Western Australia. From the capital city of Perth it will take 5 hours to get there.

It is easily accessible for anyone travelling in Albany, it is essentially right in town (you can see it) but you need to drive around the southern side of Shoal bay to start the hike.

You can see the harbour as well as King George sound.

How much does it cost to do the Uredale Point hike?


Zero dollars and zero cents.

This is not in a national park and entry to the heritage trail is free.

Is there parking at the Uredale Point hike?


There is parking at the Uredale Point hike’s trail head.

Parking here is very spacious and will accommodate plenty of vehicles, it is a bitumen carpark with toilet facilities as well.


Shot on the Sony A1 using the Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 (Amazon/eBay link)

Bird’s eye view

Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

How long is the Uredale Point hike?


The hike is officially 4.7kms and is kind of an out and back trail with a tiny loop section (tide’s permitting). Either way you do it the distance and the track conditions will be basically the same.

How long does it take to complete the Uredale Point hike?


The average time accroding to Alltrails on the Uredale Point hike is 1 hour and 13 minutes.

I spent over 2 hours on the walk with all the time stopping for videos and photos, as well as relaxing at the end of the trail to have a look around.

What is the elevation gain and altitude of Uredale Point hike?


The elevation gain of the Uredale Point hike is approximately 115m. This is done in small sections and there is never anything too strenuous or steep.

The altitude of the hike is not much at all, the highest point is about 46m above sea level.

The Uredale Point hike is a moderate hike, it’s not difficult, there might be one or two sections up hill that tire you out depending on your fitness but it’s pretty easy all said and done.

My Uredale Point hike stats


My Uredale Point hike stats screenshot from AllTrails.

You’ll notice my moving time is higher than the average completion time, but I also covered 0.8km more distance as I was moving around a bit more than just following the trail path out and back.

You definitely can do this in an hour if you just do the track and don’t stop.

With low tides you can walk on either beach.

Shot on the Sony A1 using the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 (Amazon/eBay link)

What is the weather like on the Uredale Point hike?


The Uredale Point hike is in the city of Albany in Western Australia.

Click here to see climate information.

Click here for a 7-day forecast.

Essentially Albany can have weather that changes quickly, so a sunny day could become rainy and vice versa. This hike is exposed to the sun all the way with very small sections through scrub but still exposed from above.

I’d recommend having sun protection and don’t be surprised if the wind picks up.

But the day I did it was forecast for showers and I didn’t get a drop of rain for the whole walk. It was cool, overcast and with a nice refreshing breeze (this was in October/November).

You can see from the photos the condition of the sky but it was a great day for the walk.

Generally speaking there isn’t a bad day to do this unless faced with full on storms.

What are the track conditions of the Uredale Point hike?


The Uredale Point hike was brilliant the whole way through. Starting off in the carpark there are wide paths that are well maintained, there is a small descent down to the beach and then you walk along the beach towards the point.

Normally this is done on the east side but you have the option to choose either as there is a linking path. However in certain conditions the west beach will be hidden by high tides in which case you go out and back on the one side.

At the end of the beach are some stairs off the sand up onto the granite, with some more paths through the scrub.

The paths are all good, wide, room to pass and maintained well. This is also a fairly common walk for people so they stay well trodden.

On the return from the end you can descend down the granite slab onto the western beach. This is a little bit steep and could potentially be slippery if it was raining, there is a chain handrail to assist.

Then simply walk down the beach until you see the linking path, take it back across and head back to the carpark.

What do I need to do the Uredale Point hike?


This hike can be done with the bare minimum. Take a bit of sun protection and some water. I used less than a litre as I had cool conditions but you might need a bit more on a hot day.

Take bathers if you want to have a dip in the water.

Besides that you don’t need much, you could do this in any type of shoe really but go for something comfortable.

Shot on the Sony A1 using the Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 (Amazon/eBay link)

Summary of the Uredale Point hike


A pleasant walk with a unique point of view of the surrounding area. A good opportunity to get into hiking for those who don’t want anything too strenuous.

Do I recommend the Uredale Point hike?


I do, although I wouldn’t say it offers the same stunning views of other hikes in the area it offers different views of the city of Albany and is a pleasant walk the whole time. It also gives good beach access for those wanting a swim.

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