Green Sleep Hostel Review


Green Sleep Hostel is a hostel in the city of Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. This Green Sleep Hostel review aims to showcase what the hostel has to offer to help people make educated choices whern choosing the right hostel for themselves.

Chiang Mai is the largest city in the north of the country and is often referred to as the capital of the north. Along with Chiang Rai and Pai, it makes up the majority of the tourism in the north of the country.

Fortunately, Chiang Mai is an easy to access location, and Green Sleep Hostel quite literally in the centre of it all!

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Green Sleep Hostel Review Video


Watch the Green Sleep Hostel review video and tour to get an idea of the hostel’s flooring arrangement and amenities.

Green Sleep Hostel Review Sections


Use the table of contents to click through to the section that you find of most importance. These are just a handful of the things that I find the most important, but I am happy to answer any specific questions.

Green Sleep Hostel Location


Green Sleep Hostel is almost literally in teh centre of Chiang Mai Old City!

The hostel is within walking distance to the majority of the best temples in Chiang Mai, not to mention the best coffee shop within the walls.

Green Sleep Hostel is equal distance from the train, bus and plane stations (often called airports).

Green Sleep Hostel Security


Green Sleep Hostel hsa very good security, it has swipe card access after hours, with the desk being manned from very early in the morning to late at night.

The bedrooms are all located up the stairs and can be locked individually, then within them are the personal lockers.

Green Sleep Hostel Storage


Thanks to the tall lockers inside the bedrooms, i was able to separate all of my camera gear and only takewhat I needed for the day, knowing that everything else was safe inside the hostel locker.

When you are arriving to the hostel, if youy are too early to check in, you can store your bags in their storage rooms down stairs. This is also helpful when checkin out if your flight is later in the afternoon, you can store your bags and chill in the common room.

Green Sleep Hostel Bathrooms & Provisions


The showers and toilets inside Green Sleep Hostel are always clean, they are spacious, offer plenty of hanging space for toiletries and include free soaps, shampoos and hair dryers.

Somewhat annoyingly the male and female bathrooms are on separate floors, so if your bedrooms isn’t on that floor you will need to walk up/down stairs with everything you need for the showers. 

Green Sleep Hostel Bedrooms


The bedrooms in Green Sleep Hostel are always clean, they offfer a lot of floor space and decent levels of privacy.


Bed Comfort

The beds are very comfortable, not hard like other hostels.

Food and Drink



Breakfast at this hostel is a treat. Not only does it start early at 06:30, which is great for those with activities planned for the day, but it is also delicious.

There are hard boiled eggs, toast, jams, cereals etc and it’s all free.



Green Sleep Hostel has free water refills as well as basic teas and coffees.

Other Stuff



Towels are provided for free. 



Wifi was always strong even upstairs in the bedroom.


Air Conditioning

Unfortunately this was not at the guests control and gets turned off, but only briefly and it never got too hot in the rooms.


Noise Levels

This hostel is only as noisy as the guests make it, although it is the centre of Old City, the centre is mostly temples and not full of bars. 


Guests / Staff

The young man at the front desk was super helpful and always up early making breakfast. He was easy to deal with and a great help organising transport to my next destination. 

Green Sleep Hostel Review Negatives


Unofrtunately this hostel just falls short of being perfect for a few reasons;

  1. There is nowhere to hang your towels if you’re on the bottom bunk (the top bunk has a rail).
  2. No curtains on the beds, with really strong bedside light, that’s a bad combo.
  3. The bedside lights are surrounded by shelving that is too close to the power outlet. This results in some adaptors not fitting. Those that do fit unfortunately turn on the bedside light, due to the light switch being too close to the power adaptor. It’s a whole thing.

These seem like easy fixes, and despite these issues I’d definitely stay there again.

Green Sleep Hostel Summary


Green Sleep Hostel, an almost perfect hostel, with amazing staff, great cleaners, strong wifi, and the best location in Chiang Mai!

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