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When I was preparing for my around the world adventure there was a few things I decided to do before I left. Firstly I started doing a pushup every morning before breakfast, followed by one, or even sometimes two squats afterwards. This really got the juices flowing.

The second thing I did was that I took a deep dive into the research side of things. I had an MSword document that I frequently updated as a central source of all the best the internet had to offer (porn excluded for once). One of my first projects for this document was the Southeast Asia visa guide.

It’s only fair that I share the fruits of my labour with those less inclined to put in the hard yards. Having any visa guide is handy, but having a Southeast Asia visa guide table is even handier! To make it easier to navigate I’ve included hyperlinks to websites for getting e-visas as well.

You see I like knowing stuff because it makes me feel superior and gives me value to those who wish to use me. I like having said stuff readily available for my perusal as well, without having to deal with Australia’s dial up internet connection or remembering which four different websites I needed to visit to get all the info.

On top of this I enjoy helping (some) people. I found that there were a few subjects that were quite hard to get good information on. Principal among these was visas. What a f**king pain in the bum hole it is to try and have a central source of information for all things visas!

That’s why I thought it was necessary to make my own centralised bible of info. This Southeast Asia visa table took me at least 8 hours in research alone, but it’s been handy for me to look at without needing to open a browser and search for the information again when I’d inevitably forget it. But you’re here …

…so you must dig tables huh?

Feel free to have a gander at some other tables I’ve created. Tables are perfect for holding food and beverages, but also for displaying information for comparison.

oohhhh yeah sexy tables!!

*Disclaimers and other Handy Info:


Alright, glad you’re here! I feel like with a subject like this it’s important to clarify numerous things before we get started as the subject is quite complex and forever changing. So here goes;

  • All Prices are $US unless otherwise stated. Discrepancies simply come from my source of information but most countries use $US to do business
  • Always travel with spare passport pages, as well as a passport that has at least a year before expiry. Nearly every country requires a minimum of 6 months until passport expiry before you enter as well as 2 spare pages in your passport
  • Blue hyperlinks for E-Visas take you to the official pages if you’re interested
  • Smarttraveller was my number one resource  for the most up to date information I could get. It accounts for about 50% of the information, the rest being found on government websites, or in the case of overstay penalties from forums and the such
  • Most border crossings take $US in cash and if you don’t have the right amount they will screw you with poor conversion rates
  • Exclusion does not carry implications – Just because I haven’t written something such as “Requires proof of onward travel” does not mean that this doesn’t apply. These notes are transferred from a working document that I added what seemed important to me at the time, which changed organically as I learnt more
  • Nearly ALL places will want either proof of onward travel, or proof of sufficient (varies upon country) funds for the duration of your visit.
  • These laws are forever changing and I implore you to do your own specific research if you’re unsure. This is valid as of November 2019 and should be accurate for years to come
  • I am from Australia, all my research is done from an Australian’s point of view. However most of these limits apply to the majority of the western world, sometimes Americans are treated differently though .. for war reasons probably.
  • Carry spare passport photos (within 6 months currency) to avoid getting scammed higher prices for doing it at the border
  • E-Visas often are the same price but help you avoid queues. Note that they can only be accepted at major crossings, typically the biggest airports

Southeast Asia Visa Guide Table

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