My packing list for around the world travel with camera gear


While this is an overall packing list for around the world travel with camera gear, it is not an in depth dive. If you’d like to see the exact gear that I use, as well as a description of each individual item then I have made two separate posts.

One covers all the camera gear and electronics needed to write a blog and make videos. The other is detailing all of the clothing and other accessories I use to help me travel the world.

Packing lists are very common, especially for around the world travel. It might be a little less common, but a packing list for around the world travel with camera gear definitely has its place.

Consumer electronics and camera gear is getting more and more affordable, as well as the quality going up and up at the same time. This leads to more people than ever before travelling with quite a large amount of electronics and camera gear.

Finding a balance is important and varies from person to person, depending on if you’re making videos, taking photos, writing a blog or doing all of them at the same time. By having a look at my packing list for around the world travel you might get some good ideas as to what you can carry and how much it all weighs.

Minimalists won’t be interested in this post!

Sure I’d like to pack less sometimes, but then I’d be giving up some things that I enjoy just for the odd occasion I need to change locations. I don’t attempt to travel light, nor do I care if you do or don’t, each to their own.


Alright, let’s begin!


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Bags and organisational gear

Most people will have a main camera bag to take all of their valuables onto the plane with them, then a main bag for checking in. The camera bag is sometimes too large for everyday carry, hence the packable daypack.

Packing cubes are personal preference but I do enjoy them for jocks and socks especially, as well as keeping things from touching other things if they’re dirty. That is why I like having bags for my shoes as well, in case they need to go in the bag on a flight.


Cases / Pouches

Good to be organised if you plan on travelling with this stuff, it also offers mechanical protection for all your gear that might get thrown around inside your bag.


This changes for everyone, a lot of people enjoy the action cameras for their small profile and lightweight designs. Drones aren’t for everyone but are very common.



This will change massively for everyone, but is a rough guide of the things you might be carrying in your camera bag. I don’t personally travel with any flashes or lighting.

Other electronics

If you create content, then you’ll travel with a laptop and the other accessories that come along with it. Carrying the charging cables for everything is very annoying but needs to be done.




This is obviously dependant on the type of travel that you do. This is based off hot weather travelling, through the summertime. If you’re not into exercise than obviously the gym shorts are irrelevant.

You don’t need too many shorts as they can be worn a few times before getting dirty.



Mix and match here, if you prefer the singlets then bring less shirts, if you like the shirts then bring less singlets accordingly. The long sleeve shirts are for mosquito and sun protection, you might want some for hiking long days, or perhaps you just prefer to be covered up.



Again, the second pair is optional dependant on travel style. This area is also lacking in number as this is concentrating on a summer/tropical type holiday that a lot of backpackers tend to follow.



The camera jacket is optional, for those who want to avoid carry on baggage limits whilst keeping all of their gear in the cabin with them. If you’re travelling in winter this will obviously contain heavier duty down jackets.


Jocks, Socks, Undergarments

This chops and changes depending on personal preference. I prefer having more underwear to do less loads of washing, others may differ. The leggings are for those who like to hike at altitude, they won’t be necessary for everyone else at all.

Of course if you don’t travel with hiking boots or even gym shoes then you won’t need socks at all and can save a heap of space there. If you hike often you might have more pairs of hiking socks and less regular socks.



Style might be important to you, hence the cap. Otherwise just take a hat that protects against the sun and wear it often. The beanie again is for those doing climbs at altitude.



Hiking boots aren’t for everyone, but the mid ankle cut ones are a good compromise. Gym shoes or walking shoes everyone should have for their feet’s sake on long days of walking.

Thongs can be the casusal slip on type, or if you prefer you can get sandals that can be used for very light hikes or whenever you’re in and around water.

Travel accessories

These odds and ends are the things you always forget about, in fact I have no doubt that I have missed something here in trying to remember what all the odds and ends are!

Discussing the packing list for around the world travel with camera gear 

As I said earlier, this packing list for around the world travel with camera gear is the stripped back version. In case you missed it at the start, I have written two in depth posts about exactly what I carry and why.

The first is focussing strictly on the camera gear and accessories that help me create content while living out of a bag travelling the world.

The second is to do with the items of clothing and the exact travel accessories I travel with to help me live comfortably as I go.

The aim of the above list was to take away branding, because it’s not overly important. I just wanted to give a bare bones list of the types of things that need to be considered, without trying to tell you what to buy.

It is also a list heavily leaning to tropical, summertime type travelling which is very common amongst backpackers and long term travellers who do Southeast Asia and South or Central America.

For a list of winter gear you can check out this post, it’s about clothing for European winter, but just remember at the end of the day you can take whatever you want, as long as you’re happy with the airline fees for checked baggage and carrying the weight.

I don’t bu into the whole minimalist thing, it’s a bit wanky, not all of it but some of the people can be. I think that you don’t really change location too much and when you do, a lot of it is done by transport.

This can change depending on your strength and fitness, some times you can pack more than you can handle and that’s not a good idea. Know your limits.

If you travel long term but go to winter locations you can carry heavier stuff, because it will be worth it to you. For me it is just a problem I’ll tackle if the situation ever arises.

Hopefully this helped, check out the other posts for more detail on why I travel with what I do, and what I’d recommend for people just starting out.

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