Khao Sok Jungle Hostel Review


If you find yourself heading to the national park of Khao Sok in the south of Thailand but are unsure of where to stay, perhaps this Khao Sok Jungle Hostel review will steer you in the right direction!

Read this Khao Sok travel guide if you need more information about the area.

The Khao Sok Jungle hostel review will be broken down into sections, so click the table of contents to skip to the sections you want to know about.

Most people these days prefer videos, so below is even  Khao Sok Jungle hostel review and tour video for your perusal.


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Khao Sok Jungle Hostel Review Video


Hostel Review Sections


This hostel review is broken up into sections that I think are important, namely location, sleep quality and security as well as the helpfulness of staff. This isn’t a party hostel and you won’t find any information regarding the social aspect of the hostel.



Khao Sok Jungle Hostel is located right at the beginning of the main strip of the small town, as you enter from the bus drop off point it is on your right hand side. 



The security of the hostel might not seem as advanced as other hostels with swipe entrance. The host is generally around out the front to book tours and looks after the place.

The fact that Khao Sok Jungle Hostel only sleeps 6 people at any given time helps add to the security, because it feels a lot more close knit with less people coming and going.

Lockers are provided that are quite large. I could easily fit my laptop, drone, camera etc. in here when it wasn’t in use.



With the lockers being as large as they were I was able to protect all of my camera gear!

Then the rest of my things went on the shelves provided in between the beds, or in my bags on the floor. There was plenty of space to put my belongings.

Bathrooms & Provisions


There is a large area separate to that of the bedroom, here there is plenty off space to hand clothes to dry, and the showers and toilets are large rooms with lots of hanging space for toiletries and towels. 



As seen in the feature image, the entire hostel is one bedroom, sleeping only 6 people at a time. This makes the whole hostel feel safe and it is always clean.


Bed Comfort

The beds are very comfortable and soft.

Food and Drink



Breakfast is the best you will find in a hostel.

You are given tickets to eat at the buffet of the neighbouring accommodation called Khao Sok Jungle Huts which gives you full access to their buffet breakfast.

This buffet is completely free and of course you can eat all that you desire. Considering you’re likely in Khao Sok to go hiking or do something adventurous, having an all you can eat breakfast that is delicious is a major win. 



Water refills are free. 

Other Stuff



 Provided for free.



 Strong and consistent.


Air Conditioning

Sometimes turned off if nobody is in the hostel, but turned on when people are relaxing.


Noise Levels

 Brilliant, unless you have rude people within the dorm itself.


Guests / Staff

Sonny is the most helpful host you will find anywhere!

He runs the hostel, books you tours, lends you gear for said tours (headlamps, water shoes, dry bags) and is always happy to tell you what is worth doing.

He will hold your bags if you do an overnight trip to Cheow Lan Lake and just generally makes your stay easy. Read the reviews at and you will see his name mentioned a lot for these reasons.


Khao Sok Jungle Hostel Review Negatives


The only negative I can think of is that other guests can ruin your night by turning on lights and there is no privacy thanks to the set up of the beds.

It is rare for this to happen, as most people are in the area to hike the national park and tend to go to sleep early, but it is worth noting that it’s impossible to block out the lights. 



That concludes the Khao Sok Jungle Hostel review. This hostel is brilliant, the host Sonny makes the stay very enjoyable and convenient and it is always clean.

Definitely worth your consideration.

But don’t take my word for it, head over to to read other people’s reviews and make up your own mind!

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