Is It Possible To Buy UltraGauge Cheap?


Have you always wanted to buy an Ultragauge or Scanguage II (affiliate links) but found them too expensive?

The good news is that you can buy UltraGauge cheap by making your purchase following the steps outlined below. I will show you how much the alternative costs as I myself have purchased an UltraGauge and can show the true costs involved.

The Ultragauge was the very first thing I bought for my 4WD build.

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How to buy UltraGauge cheap?


The trick to buying UltraGauge cheap is to use the USA website for your purchase. The website itself is horribly designed, but it’s pretty easy to navigate.

That’s basically it, but if you want to read on because you’re uncertain then I will list the competitors pricing and show my own proof of purchase. This way you can see there are no dangers in buying your UltraGauge unit from overseas.

How much does UltraGauge cost in Australia?


To purchase the UltraGauge unit in Australia there are two main websites;

It should be noted here that these are the same company, as can be seen by the contact numbers on both websites being the same, as is the physical location.

The cost of the UltraGauge through this website is $249 for the unit without mounts or posting.

As you can see here, the total cost after adding a mount and shipping is $274

But I purchased the above through the USA website and only paid $176, which included an extra velcro mounting option on top!

How much does UltraGauge cost in the USA?


Over in the states they UltraGauge only costs ~$99 USD for the unit with an additional $37 USD for postage. Here is the email receipt I received after purchase.

How To Buy UltraGauge Cheap Step by Step Guide


Firstly go to the website linked previously in this post and you will see a screen something like this.


Click on the circled “buy now” button, then select your option of commands you would like to have pre-programmed into the device. It is fine if you’re unsure which one to get as a lot of the codes can be found online for the popular cars.

I personally went for the Mazda programming as I own a BT-50.

I also recommend buying the MX1.4 version if you wish to have access to things such as automatic transmission fluid (which is one of the main reason people purchase OBDII scanners).


I have selected the windshield mount as an example here but it is not my personal recommendation for mounting (more on that later).

Simply go to checkout to complete the transaction with Paypal.


A warning about Paypal ripping you off!


Paypal is handy, but they’re a bunch of sneaky wankers and you need to remember the following;


Paypal will always rip you off. The conversion rates on offer will be horrible, let’s take a closer look.

So we have made our choices and the price comes to $99.87 USD as we see below.

 Paypal is offering to perform the conversion at a rate of 0.69, despite the going rate for that day being 0.73!!

A quick Google search will show you that you are being ripped off $6, and this isn’t even taking into account the shipping yet, so expect the total rip off to be closer to $10 once all is said and done.

How to avoid Paypal’s ripoff?


You want to get yourself a card such as the Bankwest Zero Platinum or the 28 degrees card which offer no conversion fees on international purchases whatsoever. They are a must have for those who like to travel, the Bankwest card is the best option in my opinion.

Then you want to tell Paypal that you will be making the purchase in the local currency (as you always should when overseas, or making purchases from overseas).

This is done by clicking “see currency options” as shown in the image above.

Paypal will try scare you off with a warning message like the one shown below. Just ignore it if you have a card that has no transaction fees and uses the FOREX rate without taking any money, such as the two cards mentioned above.


What is the best UltraGauge mounting option?


You now know how to buy UltraGauge cheap, well as cheap as it can be anyway. Now the best mount to get is actually sold through the Australian websites and that is the A-Pillar mount (eBay).

At the time of writing this bracket is not sold on the USA website and must be purchased through Precise Auto (link above). I have tried the velcro, vertical and A-Pillar and the A-pillar mount is easily my choice. To see what it looks like see the picture below.



Alright that’s all for this post, hopefully this has saved you some coin and you can enjoy the UltraGauge for a more reasonable price that more truly represents its true value.

$100 will buy a lot of McNuggets.

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