BRICKS Sleep Box Hostel Review


BRICKS Sleep Box hostel is one of many options in The Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

The hostel is clever in nailing its target audience, hikers. Hiking being the main reason people visit the region, but there are also some other interesting things to do in the area.

They have a shoe cleaning station within the hostel, as well as a washing machine. All this is much appreciated when your boots are covered in mud and your clothes likewise.

The hostel involves a tiny climb up some stairs, but is otherwise easy to access.

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BRICKS Sleep Box Hostel Review Video


For those who prefer to see a vdieo tour, well here you go.

This will give you a better indication of the location of BRICKS Sleep Box hostel, as well as the layout, and the location of the front door which can be tricky to see.

Hostel Review Sections


This post is broken down into a handful of categories to make it easier to navigate. These are th main things that I look for in a hostel.



BRICKS Sleep Box is located in the heart of Tanah Rata. As you can see it is fairly close to a number of hiking trails, including the highly regarded trails 10 and 6.

The location is very good, the town itself is quite small so it is hard to be in a poor position here, but even so it is very central.



The security at BRICKS Sleep Box is very good. The front door entry uses a keycard entry to gain access to the building. It never felt like my belongings were in any sort of danger of theft. 



Storage space is exrremely good, with room under the beds for large bags, or if not then in the massive lockers provided. The lockers are strong, tall and offer plenty of depth.

Bathrooms & Provisions


This is where the hostel falls down a little bit. The bathrooms are small, there is no where to hang your clothes or towels to dry them properly.

The showers are in the same room as the toilets, and the rooms are tiny!!

Because of this, everything gets wet, it hardly ever dries and there is nowhere to hang your toiletries or towel while you shower. The room is too small.

I am not suggesting they could have done something better, it’s just the nature of the building that they have chosen to use. It is quite frustrating though.



I really liked the bedrooms here. The hostel uses a capsule style system, which has the obvious benefit of allowing people to turn on their lights without annoying every other guest in the room.

Each bed has its own light, international power point, usb powered fan, and roller style blinds to help block the light from entering your capsule.


Bed Comfort

The beds here were comfortable enough and I never had any trouble getting a good sleep. They were long enough for me as well at 6 foot.


Food and Drink



Breakfast was not provided, but they are very close to a large number of restaurants. There is also a fridge for you to store your food as well if you want to go shopping at the supermarket next door.

There is also a kitchen with a toaster and microwave to help you prepare any food that you do buy.




Free water refills are avaialble, great for those long hikes.


Other Stuff



I didn’t actually ask for a towel because you had to pay a small fee for it, which I think is rubbish.




Not something that I ever used because I was so busy and out of the hostel all the itme, I did however hear people complaining about the speed of the wifi in the bedrooms.



Air Conditioning

Air conditioning was always good during my stay there.



Noise Levels

As quiet as can be. Not a noise to be heard and it was perfect for a good sleep.



Guests / Staff

The staff were helpful in booking tours to see the rafflesia flower and running the washing machine.

Guests were all there to hike, everyone seemed nice, but there wasn’t an ovelry social feel to the hostel, with most people being out all day and very tired at the end of the day. 

BRICKS Sleep Box Hostel Review Negatives


The hostel is let down largely by the bathroom/shower/toilet combination.

It really makes it frustrating to try and shower, while hanging your clean clothes somewhere without them getting soaked, as well as finding a place to hang your towel.

This is also annoying when you need to go to the toilet and the whole room is saturated.



A good hostel that is let down in a few small areas. Probably not the best hostel in Tanah Rata. It isn’t a poor choice by any means, but my first choice if I were to return would be Hikers Sleep Port whichc is highly regarded.

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