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Welcome to The Browne Town, where I will attempt to be as helpful as possible by sharing all the knowledge that accumulates in this poorly proportioned head of mine, in the hope that it is well received by the brain in that beautiful head of yours.

This website is just a random collection of things that I have learnt about, whether that be travel, videography, car related things, video editing or writing a blog, it’s all going in the same website to be sorted via menus.

This page will be updated, not as frequently as it should but I’ll get there as more content gets added.

4WD & Car Related


As COVID forced me to come home I bought a 4WD and started to build it out for travel on a more local scale. These posts are just things I found during the research period or during the build process. 

Smarttek Black vs Joolca Hottap V2

Smarttek Black vs Joolca Hottap V2

Smarttek Black vs Joolca Hottap V2   G'day guys and girls, today I will be doing a comparison post on two of the more popular camping hot water systems on the market today, the two I was interested in for my 4WD touring build. I will be comparing the Smarttek...

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Comparing all things, 12 volt accessories in cars and whatever else comes to mind.

Destination Guides


The destination guides aim to answer common questions that you might have about the destination, by explaining things such as;

  • Brief history and etymology.
  • The location, with maps.
  • What the climate is.
  • How long I recommend you visit for.
  • How to get there, and wherever feasible, the costs and duration of the trip.
  • The currency used.
  • What area to stay in.
  • How to get around the destination efficiently.
  • Where to eat and find coffee.
  • Where to do laundry and the costs.
  • If there are any gyms that you can visit
  • Things to do in that place.
  • Some bonus tips that I find helpful but that don’t fit the other categories.

The destination guides are full of all the best bits, with a table of contents for easy navigation. I have included some images throughout the posts to give you an idea of what to expect when you get there.

Some of the posts have 360° images that can be looked around by clicking on the image and dragging.


Activity Guides


The activity guides are more specific than the destination guides and go into details of individual activities that you can do during your time in the destination. They work in tandem with the destination guides. One gives you the lay of the land, the other walks you through your time there.

Activity guides are best viewed on desktop, or in landscape viewing angle on your phone to see the large images in their more impressive fullscreen sizes.

The activity guide will go into details on each activity listed within, explaining the following things;

  • What the activity is.
  • How much it costs.
  • Opening hours.
  • What you will need to do for the activity.
  • How you get there from the tourist accommodation areas.
  • How long you will probably need to spend there.
  • When to do it.
  • Whether I recommend it.
  • Maps showing the location of the activities mentioned in the post.

I like to include all of the activities that I have done, whether I recommend them or not is sometimes conditional on the type of traveller you are, so keep an eye out for it.

Towards the end of the post I will link to other activities that I was unable to do, or didn’t find interesting, but that you might enjoy. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t! However I don’t write about what I don’t know, so I will try link to other sources.

Travel Health

If you’re planning on travelling for long periods of time this is something that becomes much more important. Especially if you are visiting regions with low quality water, sewerage, food preparation or general standard of living.

The two factors are often intertwined, because those travelling for a long time will look for places with a cheap cost of living, and the places with a cheap cost of living are those where conditions aren’t quite as sanitary as those you would find in more expensive countries.

So look no further if you’re worried about malaria I have written two posts, both very similar. One is all about South and Central America, while the other covers Southeast Asia, these two regions are two of the most popular amongst backpackers.

I have also written one of the most detailed travel vaccination guides you will ever see, complete with a list of common diseases, prevention methods, and the exact costs for the vaccinations that I got myself.

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Travel Insurance


Have you organised your travel insurance yet? If not, check out this guide for a nice overview of what is on offer from each insurance provider.

I break down the pros, cons, things to avoid, and give a brief run down on which travel insurance provider is best for each different type of traveller.

If you’re thinking that World Nomads are the best because they are seen on every traveller blog, then think again. They are only mentioned a lot because they offer affiliate sales to travel bloggers who then push their product to try make money, they’re actually very average.

Have a read and you’ll see some common issues and things to look for when going through the PDS.

Visa guides


Having trouble finding a good source that covers all visa requirements in the one location?

I have created two visa guides with a table outlining how to get visas, how much they cost, how long they last and more!


It is a pain trying to go between numerous websites to try and find all the information you need, so I think the table is a handy way to present all of the information in one spot. You will also find links to the government websites for countries who allow E-visas.

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Climate guides


In a similar vein to the visa guides, this is a table to try and help you see common weather patterns of these two regions.

Handy for those travelling one way, who want a rough idea of when to go to which location, which times to avoid and more. Alongside the table is a rundown of common patterns and things that are hopefully useful to you.

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