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Granite Peak Hike – Is it Worth it? || North Walpole, Western Australia

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Granite Peak Hike Video


See below a short video to get an idea of the conditions of the Granite Peak hike, as well as the views, general area and landscape that you are ascending.


Granite Peak || Walpole

Ruins at the summit

Shot on the Sony A1 using the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 (Amazon/eBay link)

Granite Peak Hike Details


In this section I will show a few photos and give you the basic run down of the Granite Peak hike from my perspective, as well as my recommendations about the hike.

Where is the Granite Peak hike?


The Granite Peak hike is located 35 minutes north of Walpole in the south west region of Western Australia. From the capital city of Perth it will take 4 hours and 30 minutes to get there.

How much does it cost to do the Granite Peak hike?


It is free to do the Granite Peak hike, the only expense will be the fuel it takes to get here, or any snacks that you choose to take on the hike.

Is there parking at the Granite Peak hike?


There is parking on the corner of Thomson and Weld roads. It is just the side of the road, there isn’t an actual car park. You’re free to park here whilst you complete the Granite Peak hike.


Granite slab – Dangerous if raining

Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

How long is the Granite Peak hike?


The hike is officially 2.4 kms, it is an out and back trail from the road where the trail starts.

My final recorded distance was actually 3.4 kms with all of the extra walking I did for filming.

How long does it take to complete the Granite Peak hike?


My recorded moving time was 1 hour and 28 minutes, which is about what most people will take for the hike with a rest at the top.

In total I spent juvet over 3 hours on the hike, but this was due to me recording a video and flying the drone around for a while as well as staying at the summit for longer.

What is the elevation gain and altitude of Granite Peak hike?


The elevation gain is only 194m.

The altitude of the hike is not much at all, with the summit being ~350m above sea level.

My Granite Peak hike stats


Below is a screenshot of my stats for completing the Granite Peak hike.

My distance covered is higher (+50%) than the official length, which is due to setting up camera shots but also because the track is poorly marked and there is a bit of back tracking involved in getting to the top.

The moving time is more indicative of how long people will spend on this hike (probably even less if needed).

Granite Peak & Thomson Road

Shot using the DJI Mavic 3 Pro (Amazon).

What is the weather like on the Granite Peak hike?


The weather is seasonal but it will never be too bad a time to do the hike unless it has been raining. The reason for this is that there is a granite section to the hike which would be impossible if slippery and wet.

There is a strong breeze but only once you ascend out of the forest. In amongst the trees it is warm and humid.

Basically this can be done all year round, but I would not attempt it if it was wet on the granite.

What are the track conditions of the Granite Peak hike?


The general track conditions are quite poor, it is not well maintained and you have a path that becomes unclear at stages.

There are branches and vines that wrap around your ankles, scratch your neck, face, arms and will grab at whatever backpack you are wearing for the hike.

It is like bush bashing at times, the track is quite obvious at the start and then it begins to get harder and harder to follow, however it is a short hike so not that difficult to figure out where to go.

It is mostly just walking along the forest floor, with a short section that you follow a stream (it may be bigger in winter), then ascending up a slop for the last 300 metres or thereabouts.

There are sections over granite that is decently sloped, no dramas at all when I did it as it was bone dry.

What do I need to do the Granite Peak hike?


This hike could be done in shoes, there is nothing too unstable about the ground. There is a section where you are following a small stream though, so I think hiking boots are preferrable.

I recommend long pants and long sleeves just for the fact that your arms and legs would get scratched without it.

I personally think wearing glasses is good as there are some thorns that will even scratch at your face in some parts (unless someone clears it).

Water wise it depends on the temps, it can be quite hot and humid for the first 3/4s of the hike as it is amongst the trees and forest, with little to no breeze penetrating. I went through 1 litre (October/November) but I was also there for longer than most people would be normally.

The summit will be refreshing in contrast, in winter it may be a little bit cold with wind chill.

Summary of the Granite Peak Hike


A hike with wonderful views at the top, but one that might not be that enjoyable for a number of people as you need to do a fair bit of track clearing as you go.

Expect to hate it at the start, love it at the peak and then be over it as you walk back through the thorns, vines and branches.

Do I recommend the Granite Peak hike?


I don’t really recommend this hike for most people, but there are those who might enjoy it as a really quick hike to knock off with decent views.

The problem is for the average person it is more frustrating than it is fun and there are better hikes around.

The thing working in its favour is that the large granite slab gives a very stunning imagery, I arrived a little too late in the day to capture it at its finest.

It would be a great place to photograph at sunrise.

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