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Smarttek Black vs Joolca Hottap V2
Smarttek Black vs Joolca Hottap V2   G'day guys and girls, today I will be doing a comparison post on two of the more popular camping hot water systems on the market today, the two I was interested in for my 4WD touring build. I will be comparing the Smarttek...
Upright Fridges vs Chest Fridges – Which is Better For a Canopy Install?
Which Type of Fridge is Best: Upright Fridges or Chest Fridges?   G'day guys, This post aims to cover some of the main pros and cons of upright fridges vs chest fridges and how they apply to canopy mounting in a 4WD build. This question probably gets asked a lot,...
Dual Zone Chest Fridge Comparison || Which Is Best?
What is the Best Dual Zone Chest Fridge?   If you're in the market for a dual zone chest fridge this post may be of some help. It is a pain to be looking back and forth across different websites and tabs to try and compare all of the data, dimensions, costs etc....

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