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What Is The Best DCDC Charger, AC Charger and Inverter Combo? Is The Redarc BMS30 Worth The Cost?
What is the Best DCDC Charger, AC charger and Inverter Combo?   That is one question that I knew would be hard to answer when I was planning my 4WD build. I can tell you now that I went with the Redarc BMS1230S3R and paired it with the Enerdrive 600W inverter,...
How DJI RUINED The Mavic 3 || Mavic 3 One Year Later: Still Not Finished!
DJi Mavic 3 One Year Later - Disappointing   Have you purchased a Mavic 3 and are disappointed with how unprofessional it is? This post looks into a number of ways that DJI ruined the Mavic 3 and ripped off a lot of people who expected to be buying a feature rich...
How To Lower Automatic Transmission Temperatures || 3 Options – See My Great Results!
Automatic Transmission Temperatures on a Mazda BT-50 / Ford Ranger   G'day guys and girls. In this post we will be discussing how to lower automatic transmission temperatures, the principles and methods can apply to any car, but the products discusses will be for...

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