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Travel Health

Everything to do with staying healthy when travelling. It is important to know about vaccinations, malaria, and even how to stay fit when travelling long term.

Vaccinations Required For Long Term Travel – See How Much They Cost Me!
Vaccinations required for long term travel   There's so many benefits to travelling long term, but nothing in this world is for free, except for free stuff. One of the downsides to travelling long term, besides making you think you're cooler than all of your...
A Guide To Malaria In South America and Central America.
Do you need malaria tablets for South and Central America?   If you're planning a trip soon hopefully this guide can be a massive help to you. When I visited the travel clinics to get my vaccinations sorted for my adventure one of the first things I asked was 'Do...
A Guide to the Areas of Southeast Asia Where You Will Need Malaria Tablets.
Do you need malaria tablets to travel Southeast Asia?   There's only one thing I hate more than people who walk slow, and that's mosquitoes. If you're in the planning process of a holiday, gap year or change of scenery you might be looking to visit Southeast...

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