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Packing Lists

Sometimes it is hard to know what to pack for around the world travel. The majority of the time it is for a more summer based holiday, with the odd exception.

In these lists I show you how I pack around the world, including all of the camera gear that I take with me, as well as the reasoning for having done so. Every bit of weight needs to be justified, and this is how I have done it.

Check them out and compare to your own travel style.

Filming When Travelling In A Car – Extra Camera Gear
Camera gear for car travel   Howdy! In this post I want to discuss the camera gear I use when filming travel in a car. This post is a sister post to the camera gear that I use for overseas travel. The post here will detail additional equipment I use when filming...
Camera Gear For Overseas Travel – What I Use
Camera gear for overseas travel   Welcome! In this post I just want to highlight the camera gear for overseas travel that I use in 2023. Now, this stuff won't be cheap, some of it is budget and some of it is very high end so there's a bit of a mixture. Budget...
All The Gear Needed For Around The World Travel – An In Depth Look Into My Bag!
All the gear needed for around the world travel   If you haven't done much long term travelling before, you may not really know the types of things people carry in their backpacks as they travel around the world. The gear needed for around the world travel does...

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