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Come and find out all about what you need to pack to travel the world, how to register your drone to travel Thailand, which areas of Southeast Asia you might need malarial tablets and more.

This category will hold all of the posts that contain handy information, things that are, you know, resources.

Filming When Travelling In A Car – Extra Camera Gear
Camera gear for car travel   Howdy! In this post I want to discuss the camera gear I use when filming travel in a car. This post is a sister post to the camera gear that I use for overseas travel. The post here will detail additional equipment I use when filming...
How to Save Money When Buying Camera Gear – 8 Real World Examples
How to save money when buying camera gear?   Camera gear is expensive. It just is, there's no escaping the fact. But that doesn't mean that you can't be smart about it and save thousands of dollars! In this post I want to give some ideas about how to save money...
Camera Gear For Overseas Travel – What I Use
Camera gear for overseas travel   Welcome! In this post I just want to highlight the camera gear for overseas travel that I use in 2023. Now, this stuff won't be cheap, some of it is budget and some of it is very high end so there's a bit of a mixture. Budget...

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