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4WD Build

This series of posts covers items that are associated with my 4WD build.

How to Hardwire a Reverse Camera || Gator GRV90MKT Hardwiring
How to hardwire a reverse camera   I don't know how common this is, but if you have a reverse camera that comes with a cig socket as the intended power supply, or a USB-A port or similar, then you might want to know how to hardwire a reverse camera. Knowing how...
Can You Run a Compressor From a Lithium Battery? Let’s Find Out!
Can you wire a compressor off a lithium battery?   The general consensus is that a compressor gets wired to the starter battery, this is what most manufacturers of the compressors will tell you, and they're not wrong. Wiring a compressor from the starter battery...
What Is The Best DCDC Charger, AC Charger and Inverter Combo? Is The Redarc BMS30 Worth The Cost?
What is the Best DCDC Charger, AC charger and Inverter Combo?   That is one question that I knew would be hard to answer when I was planning my 4WD build. I can tell you now that I went with the Redarc BMS1230S3R (affiliate links) and paired it with the Enerdrive...
4WD Touring Build – Mazda BT-50

4WD Touring Build – Mazda BT-50

4WD Touring Build Introduction   WARNING - LONG POST AHEAD Before we kick things off I'd like to note a few things about what this post will entail and how it will evolve. Note that not only will the 4WD touring build take time, as it is written in real time and...

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