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4WD Build

This series of posts covers items that are associated with my 4WD build.

12 Volt Inverter Comparison – See What’s Best For You!
Ultimate Inverter Comparison   If you're looking at inverters you might be overwhelmed by the information available online, this inverter comparison aims to try and centralise the information. This inverter comparison will be all about 12 volt inverters that...
Ultragauge Review – Should You Get One For Your 4WD Build?
Should You Buy an OBD II Scanner? – Ultragauge Review   Ultragauge MX 1.4 is an OBDII scanner that plugs into your cars OBDII port and relays information from the car to display it all for you to see in real time. The Ultragauge is the very first thing I did in...
4WD Touring Build – Mazda BT-50
4WD Touring Build Introduction   WARNING - LONG POST AHEAD Before we kick things off I'd like to note a few things about what this post will entail and how it will evolve. Note that not only will the 4WD touring build take time, as it is written in real time and...

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