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Information on cars;

  • Fixing things.
  • Buying accessories.
  • Installation of accessories.
How to Hardwire a Reverse Camera || Gator GRV90MKT Hardwiring
How to hardwire a reverse camera   I don't know how common this is, but if you have a reverse camera that comes with a cig socket as the intended power supply, or a USB-A port or similar, then you might want to know how to hardwire a reverse camera. Knowing how...
Where to Find a Dash Light Feed in a Mazda BT-50 / Ford Ranger
Where to find a dash light feed in a Mazda BT-50?   The style of switches that you add to your car or canopy these days mostly come with some type of illumination, as you can see on the bottom of the 6 switches I added to my centre storage console in the image...
Where to Find an Ignition Feed in a Mazda BT-50 / Ford Ranger
Where to find an ignition feed in a Mazda BT-50?   Have you tried to add some sort of accessory to your car only to realise that you need it to be switched with the accessories? What this means is that it turns off when the car is off, for me this happened when I...

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