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Hiking is 83% similar to biking. The 17% discrepancy comes in the way you use your legs, and the first letter.

Uredale Point Hike aka Point Possession Hike || A Peaceful Adventure
Uredale Point Hike - Overview   The Uredale Point hike goes by a few different names but it is a hike in the city of Albany, Western Australia. You may also see it named as The Uredale Point Heritage Trail, Point Possession Heritage Trail or simply the Point...
Bald Head Hike – An Absolute Killer! || Hiking Guide
Bald Head Hike - Overview   The Bald Head hike is a hike in Albany, Western Australia. It is a fairly challenging hike which will take the larger portion of the day to complete, but it is one of the most popular in the area thanks to its incredible views and the...
Monkey Rock Hike – The Best Views In Denmark!
Monkey Rock Hike - Overview   Monkey Rock is a hike in the Denmark region, Western Australia. It is a small hike which can easily be done within an hour and when I was there I did not bump into anybody else on the track. Use the Monkey Rock hike table of contents...

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