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This category houses all of the articles that are in relation on things you can do, activities, the fun stuff.

Tham Lod Cave Walking Tour Review – Is It Worth Doing?
Tham Lod Cave Walking Tour Review   Tham Lod Cave is an attraction in the far north of Thailand that can be visited from the city of Pai with relative ease. For this Tham Lod Cave walking tour review, I will be showing you what you can expect if you take a...
How To Climb Tiger Cave Temple? || A Complete Tiger Cave Temple Guide
How To Climb Tiger Cave Temple Guide   Tiger Cave Temple, also known as Wat Tham Suea, is a temple complex in the Krabi region of southern Thailand. It is within driving distance of Ao Nang which is where most people will stay during their time in the region (I...
Ton Kloi Waterfall Hike Guide – With Helpful Video Tour!
Ton Kloi Waterfall Hike Guide     If you like a bit of a challenge then try the Ton Kloi waterfall hike. I'll go on the record now and say that the Ton Kloi waterfall hike is not the best hike for the final payout. The waterfall itself, although quite nice...

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