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Mt Frankland Hike – Bang For Buck, Quick And Easy!

Mt Frankland Hike - Overview   Mt Frankland is a hike in the Mt Frankland national park, located in the Walpole region, Western Australia. The hike consists of a nice path and stairs up to the top and then also a loop around the base. I did not do the loop after reading reviews that it was...

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Filming When Travelling In A Car – Extra Camera Gear

Camera gear for car travel   Howdy! In this post I want to discuss the camera gear I use when filming travel in a car. This post is a sister post to the camera gear that I use for overseas travel. The post here will detail additional equipment I use when filming travel in a car because I can...

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Mt Lindesay Hike – Everything You Need to Know

Mt Lindesay Hike - Overview   Mt Lindesay is a hike in the Mt Lindesay national park, located in the Denmark region, Western Australia. It is a relatively quiet trail, I didn't see anybody else on the Mt Lindesay hike until I was returning to the car park. It is a long hike, so it can be...

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Shower Awnings vs Ensuite Tents – Which is Better?

What is Better - Shower Awnings vs Ensuite Tents?   Have you got a shower awning attached to your 4WD? You might be better off with an ensuite tent! In this post I will look at some of the pros and cons of shower awnings vs ensuite tents, diving into my own experience with the two and what I...

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