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9 Best Youtube Channels For Videography

Video camera set up to record

It look innocent enough now, but it will probably turn into a porno.

Who are the best Youtube channels for videography?


Videography as a skill is more desired than ever thanks to the rise of Youtube and video sharing. It’s also a very involved subject with a lot of skills to learn!

Aside from learning all the skills, you unfortunately need to carry around a lot of gear with you, especially if you’re travelling and making videos.

Because of Youtube being a video platform, it makes sense then that there are tons of Videographers out there sharing their knowledge on the platform in some amazing feedback loop. Although this is true, there’s also plenty of amateurs trying to make it (like me) and it can be difficult to find the best information. So who are the best Youtube channels for videography then?

In my opinion, you want people who have runs on the board, mixed with up and comers who haven’t yet sold out to clickbait and shitty vlogs that only have visual appeal, but no real useful information. Now some of the channels below are walking a very fine line, but their back catalogues are always of good value.

So if you’re like me and you have a thirst for knowledge, have multiple hours to waste in front of the computer and are a beginner/novice in the videography game then read on and check these guys out. I think there’s a nice balance here between Vlogs, Youtube setups, behind the scenes B-roll, video editing skills and the technical stuff like colour profiles and gamma curves.

Now, one or two of these channels may slightly be Sony related, which would reflect my purchase history in being a Sony A7R III owner but there’s actually a really good balance here. Besides, the majority of this content is about the techniques, accessories, principles and concepts of videography so it applies to all people. I’m not one of those that wastes my life arguing over why one brand is better than another. You do you.

Keep in mind that a lot of these guys also delve into photography, given that the two have so many skills that are so closely linked these days. So definitely check through their catalogues to see about videography, video editing, product reviews and photography related content.

Editor’s Note;

Originally intended to be part of a much larger post detailing the best youtubers to learn all things travel documentation, from: Photography, Videography, Drone use, Blogging etc. The post was far too involved and hard to navigate so I made them all their own blog posts. Feel free to see the other posts by clicking the links below!

Jason Vong


Jason is probably the first Youtuber I came across, and one of the first that I found worthy of subscribing to. His channel is all about Sony Alpha, with the additional of gimbal advice and lens reviews.

He’s just a little bit goofy, doesn’t take himself too seriously and is quite comfortable in front of the camera. He makes videography and photography seem like such fun. Screen recordings of menus will help you understand exactly what’s going on as he explains things.

He’s still to this day one of my favourites, however his Sony orientated content might be skippable for those not using the hardware.

Best for;

  • Sony Alpha universe reviews
  • In depth focus, metering and menu guides
  • A look at well polished vlogs and some handy gimbal techniques

Jeven Dovey

Jeven Dovey has started to gravitate towards teaching people how to grow their youtube channel. This is a helpful inside look into Google Analytics, keywords and the issues facing Youtubers today. He does product reviews as well but wouldn’t be my go to guy for this aspect as there’s betters around who are more knowledgable, but he still adds value. However he gives great insight into all things business, analytics and growth.

Best for;

  • Learning the ins and outs of making money on Youtube
  • Understanding the monetisation, analytics, and business side of Youtube if that’s your goal

Momentum Productions

Momentum Productions is run by a friendly giant, who just happens to be a pro with gimbals and everything gimbal related. I’m not saying this is all these people do, but the main use that I got out of them and the primary reasons I subscribed.

Best for;

  • Gimbal use and balancing
  • Gimbal reviews
  • Gimbal accessories, techniques, common mistakes


James Matthews

James Matthews, an energetic Englishman that shoots some good travel videos. I find him sometimes over the top, but quite entertaining as well. He’s a gun at shooting B-Roll, he gives great behind the scenes looks at how he does it and produces some high quality videos as he goes.

Best for;

  • Learning how to shoot B-Roll
  • Having a laugh as you learn, with someone who’s learning as he goes as well and getting better
  • General filmmaking hints, as well as some nice videos to watch and think about how it was edited to improve your own skills

Peter Mckinnon


You all surely know Peter Mckinnon by now? Has over 4M subscribers! Far from my favourite person for learning purposes as he beats around the bush too much and most of his shit is just filler content (waste of time, yet often entertaining). It can’t be denied though he’s infectiously energetic. Despite me skipping most of his stuff there’s some treasures buried in there.

Best for;

  • Tutorials – Stick to his tutorials playlist for the best content
  • Seeing a great final product if Vlogs are what you’re interested in. For the love of god though don’t try copy him.
  • Behind the scenes looks at Youtube studios, shooting in the field, interactions with others etc


Peter Lindgren

Consider this a channel in the James Matthews mould. A very genuine Swedish guy who has had some good growth. He will shoot short films or sequences and then will also show you all the behind the scenes action of how it was done.

Best for;

  • If you want to see behind the scenes of how people shoot B-Roll then this is your guy
  • Has some very handy hints on editing with FCPX, increasing workflow

Gerald Undone

Gerald is undoubtedly one of my favourites! He’s a genius, he goes above and beyond to sort out the nitty gritty technical details regarding all things cameras and I’m shocked he doesn’t have more subscribers

If you want to really get involved in colour profiles, gamma curves, frame rates, depth of field or anything like that then he’s your man.

Best for;

  • Technical knowledge
  • Tests and experiments with camera gear
  • In depth looks into principles of photography, colour profiles, gamma curves, audio editing etc

Harv Video/Audio Stuff

I used this guy for great quality content regarding colour grading, using S-Curves, shooting in log profiles and his quality audio editing. He presents things in an easy to understand matter and is very switched on, much like Gerald Undone, he really knows the finer details about what he explains.

Best for;

  • Colour grading – Profiles, S-Curves, S-log
  • Audio enhancement
  • Sony and FCPX tips and tricks

Pascal Basel

This guy is a newcomer but he’s uploaded a ton of info. He lives in Southeast Asia and makes travel videos from there, so it’s good to see it can all be done on the road. He specialises in FCPX and GoPro, has heaps of handy videos on matching different cameras to look the same in the final product.

Best for;

  • FCPX editing and colour grading
  • GoPro shooting and editing
  • Travel filmmaking hints and tips
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