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6 Best Youtube Channels For Video Editing

adobe premiere editing timeline

Although the differences are subtle, this is actually NOT a picture of me. It is a computer screen. Thought I’d clear that up to avoid confusion.

Who are the best youtube Channels For Video Editing Tutorials?


This is one of the most challenging aspects to get your head around as a newbie. If you’re anything like me you’re wanting to learn video editing as cheaply as possible, enter Youtube. Keep in mind that it won’t be easy, the amount of skills and nuances involved is massive!

You’re here because you want to make videos, you might even want to make travel videos. If that’s you then you’ll want to know what you’re doing so that you can really capture people’s imaginations. It’a also good to be aware of exactly the kind of weight and gear you might need to carry around if you want to go down this path.

To make videos it’s a necessity to learn video editing because it makes up at least half the challenge of producing content. However it can be overwhelming, the shortcuts are endless, the power of the software enormous, the infinite options available to you as daunting as hell.

I personally use Final Cut Pro X for my video editing, which is Apple’s program which can only be run on their operating system. My reasons for this are based mostly on the incredible integration it has with the hardware, as well as my intense dislike towards subscription based programs on offer from Adobe.  Paying my once off fee and being done with it is the best method for me, working out way cheaper in the long run.

Below are the best youtube channels for video editing that I’ve found, that are strictly dealing with the video editing process. You’ll find plenty of other Youtube channels that have handy videos here and there, feel free to let me know which ones I have missed.

I definitely recommend searching through some of the posters on the videography post to see what they offer. Great tutorials exist on channels that aren’t specifically about the editing process. These guys below though are strictly about the actual editing software and all the intricate details.

Go enjoy it as much as is possible. Be prepared to be frustrated, amazed, a little turned on perhaps? The choice is yours.

Editor’s Note;

Originally intended to be part of a much larger post detailing the best youtubers to learn all things travel documentation, from: Photography, Videography, Drone use, Blogging etc. The post was far too involved and hard to navigate so I made them all their own individual posts for ease of use and cleanliness. Feel free to see the other posts by clicking the links below!

Ben Halssal

Ben Halssal is a specialist at all things FCPX and all his content is current and up to date so there’s little chance it goes out of date any time soon. In fact, if I had to pick one of the best Youtube channels for video editing for you to look at it would be him.

He’s got screen recordings of all his procedures and walks through things nice and slow with great explanation. A new find by me but probably my favourite or close to it. A huge library of content that also briefly looks at Adobe Premiere.

Best for;

  • Anything to do with FCPX
  • Beginners wanting to understand every aspect from the start to the end
  • Refreshing your memory with any topic you’ve forgotten, his catalogue is big, with 225 videos in his FCPX playlist

Ripple Training

The grand daddy of them all. Their back catalogue is massive! If you want to learn FCPX or Apple Motion for free, there’s plenty to be seen here. I highly suggest following along as you learn to consolidate the info. They also release timely videos with the release of each new version of FCPX to explain in greater detail the new features, which I find useful as hell.

On top of this, if you have time you can watch their old live episodes, which are long, detailed talks about a certain topic in which there’s a ton of info to be found, but it does take time to go through that process.

Best for;

  • Everything FCPX related
  • Editing, shortcuts, transitions, workflow, you name it
  • A look at Apple Motion and Compressor


Has built an audience based on his transitions, advanced editing techniques and tutorials explaining how other people have done a certain bit of editing. He offers stock footage downloads so you can attempt it yourself at home.

Best for;

  • Transition tutorials
  • How people have made certain videos and how you can do it too
  • Downloading content and following along with his edits to consolidate what you’re seeing on the screen

King Tuts Pro

This guy is in the same mould as RyanNangle, but perhaps even more prolific in his output. He has all sorts of info on recreating effects seen in videos, editing music videos, using new transitions and he just gives a great look into what can be accomplished as your skills improve.

Best for;

  • Seeing transitions and effects behind the scenes
  • Searching for a particular effect you might like, he’s probably covered it

David A. Cox

Just a little bonus one for those who want a sit down beginners walk through covering most of the basics. David has done two of these, roughly every 18 months or so he’ll post one like the video below. Nice slow pace to follow along, well spoken and quite thorough without being too daunting for beginners.

Best for;

  • If you’ve just downloaded FCPX and don’t know where to start, check out this video below

Lucid Luma

This content will be outdated eventually and appears to no longer be updated. There are courses here for complete beginners that are well explained and it’s a great place to start before you get into more advanced techniques. I found her incredibly easy to understand and enjoyed the pace of her videos as a complete beginner. It’s a shame she doesn’t upload now, but I think it’s worth directing people here all the same for the time being.

Best for;

  • Beginners starting from scratch
  • Following along with the lessons when you first download FCPX and getting your head around terminology
Video link not working. Click the title to be taken to her youtube channel.
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