This particular photo was taken with a camera of some sort. To this day it remains a mystery which camera took the photo.

What are the best Youtube channels for learning about drone use?


Drones are a magical bit of technology, what with their soothing sounds and non threatening appearance. If you’re a beginner though and want to get in the air faster, then check out the best Youtube channels for drones below!

I deadset am baffled by how quickly they’ve come on the scene and how advanced the technology is getting. However as an amatuer you need to learn how to fly one, Youtube offers the best advice.

Now it’s by no means necessary to travel with a drone, in fact in some places it’s simply too much hassle to bother with. Countries like Nicaragua and Cuba for example will confiscate your drone in customs, good luck getting them back. I personally travel with a drone as well as a bunch of other camera gear, but it can be annoying.

Going to Thailand is also getting harder and harder, but it is still doable if you know how to register your drone before you go.

However the fact remains, drones are a useful bit of kit for travelling and making videos. They offer a way to set the scene like nothing else since helicopters, but all in a package that can sometimes fit the palm of your hands. Most of the world uses one particular brand of drone; DJI. I am no exception.

Because of this you’ll find that the majority of reviews, tips, guides and instructions online will relate to DJI drones, as is reflected in the channels shown below.

If you’re a beginner, or you’re slightly more advanced and ready to start playing with flight responsiveness and gimbal settings then luckily for you all the information you need can basically be found on a small number of channels.

A lot of Youtube tech review channels will offer small insights into new technology as it’s released but the following channels specialise in drones, their information is generally speaking, much more accurate (although I’ve even heard them make mistakes).


Bonus tip;

If you plan on travelling with your drone to Thailand, see exactly where you need to go to register your drone with a map that I created. It shows all 17 NBTC locations on the one map.

On top of that I have a detailed post, complete with screenshots, that details how to go through the online application process and lists everything you will need before you get starrted.

Editor’s Note;

Originally intended to be part of a much larger post detailing the best youtubers to learn all things travel documentation, from: Photography, Videography, Drone use, Blogging etc. The post was far too involved and hard to navigate so I made them all their own blog posts. Feel free to see the other posts by clicking the links below!

Drone Film Guide

Drone film guide is mostly presented by Stewart Carroll and assisted sometimes on camera by his wife Alina, both of them are good on camera. They’re wedding cinematographers as well as Youtubers, so all of their information is gained from real life experience on set.

These guys are my number one recommendation and are almost a one stop shop for everything to do with drones. From flying techniques to the art of cinematography and photography, they know it all. I would take their advice before all others when it comes to drones.

Best for;

  • Drone flying techniques
  • Drone reviews that are honest
  • Cinematography and photography tips and tricks
  • Almost everything

Ed Ricker

Ed Ricker has a ton of handy information about setting up your drone for first time users. Skip over his FPV stuff (I doubt you’re into that if you’re reading this) and search for his DJI Mavic related content. He walks through everything with you, showing you how to calibrate, which settings to ignore, common mishaps and the best accessories to buy.

He actually knows what he’s talking about and won’t try talk about any subject that he doesn’t properly understand, unlike some of the other guys trying to cash in on the drone phase who I’ve heard say numerous incorrect things. I’ve never really heard him make an error in explanation, which builds trust that in the future I can listen attentively without questioning everything like I normally would. 

If you have just bought a drone, or even if you’re an intermediate user he’s one to look at for sure!

Best for;

  • Drone setup guides
  • Tutorials on how to fly

Billy Kyle

Although I loathe to trust anyone with two first names, I found Billy when searching for instructions on how to set up the DJI Go 4 app. Everyone was talking about the drone but nobody had gone through the best controller setup, such as customisational button assignments.

He has some good camera and gimbal set-up videos as well as product reviews and comparisons galore in case you were unsure exactly which drone to get, or wanted to see the differences between them in real life scenarios.

Best for;

  • Drone comparisons with footage
  • Drone controller guide and set-up
  • Camera and gimbal recommended settings

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